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The Scoop Episode 1

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 "The Scoop"-- Want to meet Africa's most influential people...? We sit down with the continent's "Movers & Shakers", and get the scoop of their ride to success.  

Street Hair Dressing

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 On the streets of South Africa, a fascinating hair dressing business is attractive to many customers  Country: South Africa and Nigeria Runtime: 03 minutes 22 seconds Language:English Download:...

Kenya Mohawk

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The Turkana people of Kenya, and the country's urbanites, have a unique hairstyle that has survived the test of time, with a rich history. Country: KenyaRuntime: 04 minutes 49 secondsLanguage:EnglishDownload: Script

Liberia’s War to Peace

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Liberia; War to PeaceLiberia has seen turbulent times fighting a bloody civilian war with major casualties. However the resilience of it's people has seen it move from the bloody war to a peaceful and developing count...

Hotel Rwanda

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On the fateful day of April 6th 1994 the worst civil war in the face of African history took place, leaving Rwanda with a population of seven million people shattered. Eight hundred thousand of that population lost th...

Rwanda Genocide – Transport to flee

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All forms of transport were used to escape fighting. Available vehicles were packed to the brim.