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South Africa – Vintage Cru

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A group of dancers from South Africa are taking the lead in the music industry through their unique styles of dancing and a taste in fashion. Country: JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA Runtime: 05 minutes 33 seco...

Rwanda Genocide

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20 years on, Rwanda is still hooked to the events of 1994 which saw almost a million people killed. Ensuring that it does not happen again, the country keeps remembering the day with a message of long lasting peace. ...

Burundi Urwarwa

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Burundians have their own way of making bananas to not only serve as food but also as an alcoholic drink. Country: GITAZA, BURUNDI Runtime: 04 minutes 11 seconds Language: English Download: Script

Rwanda Genocide – Transport to flee

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All forms of transport were used to escape fighting. Available vehicles were packed to the brim.

Rwanda Landscape and Farms

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An aerial view of Rwanda ladscape showing green agricultural land and hills

Rwanda Refugees Flee fighting Zone

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Natives of Rwanda fleeing the fighting on the road to safety. Carrying their belongings.  Amidst the chaos there were some taylors continued with their work

Action Aid

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Action Aid

African Medical and Research Foundation

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Brook House

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