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Nigeria Safe Schools

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Nigerians are taking the initiative to repair the damage that Boko Haram’s deeds have had on the Islam religion. Country:NigeriaRuntime: 05 minutes 00 secondsLanguage:EnglishDownload: Script

South Africa Inumber Number

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As opposed to post-apartheid movies produced in South Africa previously, a new action packed thriller-Inumber Number is taking the entertainment industry by a storm. Country:South AfricaRuntime: 04 minutes 45 seconds...

Ebola Containment

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With Ebola death toll rising everyday and the disease’s clutches spreading in the continent almost everyone is on high alert. Country:Guinea,Switerland, Sierra leone, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, Kenya, L...

Facts About Africa: Kenneth Kaunda

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Zambia Kenneth Kaunda and Fredrick Chiluba

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Zambia Kenneth Kaunda and Fredrick ChilubaZambia’s President Kenneth Kaunda and opposition chief Fredrick Chiluba hold hands after talks.

Zambia Supporters at Africa Cup of Nations

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Zambia Supporters at Africa Cup of NationsSupporters of Zambia national team watch football on wide screen. This is the year Zambia won the African Cup of Nations.Date 2012Duration:1min 07 seconds