Mo and Me

  • OVERVIEWSalim Amin, son and only child of Mohamed "Mo" Amin, undertakes a journey of recollection and reflection into the life of the frequently absent, globe-trotting father he loved, revered and feared. In his late teens, Mohamed Amin abandons his studies to pursue a career in photography which, over the course of thirty years, will turn him into a front-line cameraman extraordinaire - and, arguably, the most renowned photojournalist of his era. Training his candid lens across continents, Mo Amin's thirst for breaking news puts him repeatedly in harm's way - enduring weeks of torture, automatic arms fire, explosives and, ultimately, the amputation of his left arm - to become one of the most decorated news camera-man of all time. The documentary depicts Mo as an unbending, unforgiving and un-apologetically rambunctious paterfamilias whose hunger for "the story" propels him to ever greater professional heights - often at the expense of those he cherishes.